Terracotta dall'Imprunetta Terracotta Artenova

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The art of terracotta. The word terracotta refers to the products obtained by drying and baking clay following a particular methodology. The first records of terracotta manufacture date from the Neolithic period. Terracotta was much appreciated by the Etruscans and Romans, and was used on a large scale from the beginning of the Renaissance. The most important artists of the fifteenth century who used the terracotta of Impruneta were Filippo Brunelleschi (1377-1444/46), the first architect who used moulded terracotta reliefs for their own buildings, and sculptors like Lorenzo Ghiberti (1378-1455), Donatello (1386 ) and Luca della Robbia (1399/1400-1482). The practice of glazed and painted pottery had its natural place of action in the vital and dynamic workshops Renaissance. Following the methods of this great period, the art of terracotta has been passed down in the workshops through the centuries until today. Artenova has decided to apply this tradition to new products for storing wine: large, medium and small.

l'arte della terracotta

Terracotta from Impruneta 1999-2012 Artenova