Terracotta dall'Imprunetta Terracotta Artenova

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Artenova is one of the few Tuscan companies that keeps alive the ancient tradition of hand-moulded clay to produce pottery for daily use. A visit to our kilns is to plunge into history. See our craftsmen shape the earth to give form to jars, vases, statues to have an idea of what it was like working in the Florentine workshops of Renaissance masters such as Brunelleschi, Ghiberti, Donatello. Artenova in recent years has put its craftsmanship at the service of innovation by starting to make large wine jars of various shapes and sizes, handmade from the clay of Impruneta.

Articoli in terracotta toscana

Organised groups welcome!

Come to Ferrone, near Florence, to see our huge and unique range of terracotta decorations. Watch our artists and terracotta kilns in action.
You can follow our craftsmen during all phases of the preparation of clay and see the delicate preparation for the oven.

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Terracotta from Impruneta �1999-2012 Artenova